A Look Into The OnePlus Nord 2 Review


One of the hottest smartphone in the market today is the OnePlus Nord 2. With its powerful Android operating system and sleek design, it is a wonderment for many. However, not many are aware of the fact that there are ways to avail this phone at discounted prices. This phone is now available from various online stores at heavy discounts. Read on to discover how to get your hands on one of the best phones of this year at dirt cheap prices.

The first and most important thing to consider when purchasing an android smartphone is the storage and speed of the storage. Since the OxygenOS 2 comes loaded with many useful features, you will need more storage space to run them smoothly. Among the apps that come preinstalled on this phone are Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Skype, Facebook, and much more!

The second most important feature that you should consider is the camera, which comes equipped with an eight megapixel resolution and an optical image stabilization for better photos. It is also worth mentioning that the phone has a front-mounted fingerprint scanner, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of taking photos with a card. You can also shoot video clips using the built-in cam feature of the device. Another benefit of the OnePlus N2 is the fact that it comes with a low-light mode, so you can enjoy better clarity while shooting images in low-light conditions. This low-light mode also enables you to take photos in outdoor lighting very easily.

The third most important factor that should figure in your decision making process is the speed of the processor. The processor speed of the OnePlus N2 depends on the type of apps that you are running and whether you are using the camera or not. If you want to enjoy a lot of features and the high speed of the processor, then you should go in for the quad core processor of the phone. The OxygenOS software of the phone facilitates the smooth functioning of the device even in the presence of heavy applications. Other factors that need consideration are the memory capacity of the device (up to 2GB), the memory type (supporting either SIM card alone or both SIM cards), the screen size, the battery life, the GPS facility, the Android interface and many others. OnePlus Nord 2

The four corners of the device have been carefully designed in order to provide the user with a comfortable experience. The bezels around the display have been deliberately chosen in order to provide a bigger field of vision than the one provided by the regular rectangular smartphone screens. Apart from that, the dual-tone color display of the OnePlus N2 allows you to change the color of your facial features by changing the color of the skin tones that you apply to the handset. There is also a proximity sensor which helps you identify the nearest object in case you are not able to see it with your eyes.

The primary highlight of this device is the Oxygen OS 3.5 – based mobile operating system that facilitates you to perform a wide range of tasks including viewing and sharing images, playing games, listening to music and many more. The second highlight is its stunning camera which has been specially made for the device. It comes with an optical image stabilization to prevent shakes while recording videos. The image stabilization does not affect the quality of the video recording but it does ensure that the person taking the video is able to take a clear picture all the time. The OnePlus Nord 2 review therefore concludes that the device comes with an impressive hardware as well as functionalities that make it stand apart from the crowd.

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