New Goals, New Year

If there is anything that I feel at the dawn of a new year, it is gratefulness. Not everybody has made it. We are a privileged lot to have stepped into a new year, and to be given the choice to start anew, again.

A new year always rings in with opportunities and possibilities. There is always hope somewhere at the back of our minds. That hope to begin again where we have failed before. To pick ourselves up from the things that have perhaps let us down before. To set newer goals, or maybe strive to keep pursuing the finer things we have already acquired. A new year means a lot of things. It’s not only the festivity of it all, but along with it comes a lot of soul searching – something that each of us need to do every once in a while.

At this time of the year, we look back and think of the days gone by. Of how time has quickly flown, and in the blink of an eye, another year is over. We think of how we have lived our precious days in the past year. Have we accomplished our goals? Have we been happy? Have we been content? Have we been the persons we wanted to be? Have we pursued our goals? Have we lived our dreams? Have we found pleasure in the simple things of life? Have we made each day count?

Questions come flooding your mind at the brink of a new year and at the dawn of a new one, all of us hope to become better persons. It reflects our desire for change and what better time than now- a New Year- to start that process of change, that must really begin with you and me. If you had been disappointed with your performance at school, work, or business in the past year, here is another chance to do better and make it right.

As a matter of fact, we get a new chance everyday. To do it right, to live it better. But a new year is always filled with more promises. It’s like a new book, and that book is solely yours. It depends on you, on how you choose to write it and whatever you decide to do with the pages, will eventually show when you stand at the brink of a year’s end and somehow you are driven to think of a fast fading year.

As one grows older, New Year Resolutions become old-fashioned. Or at least we think it’s not for us anymore. Somehow they get broken along the way, although it’s supposed to be a nice tradition. We may falter in our year’s journey, but we must strive to pursue what is good. If you will, give it another name other than “Resolutions”, but we must become the persons we desire to be. And it is only in trying that we realise our hidden potentials.

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